How does it work?

Management of LIfe Style Diseases ---- An alternate perspective:

Chronic ailments[ Diseases], like Obesity, Diabetes, Hypertension, Thyroid issues, Autoimmune problems etc, stem out of poor lifestyle rather than lack of medicine[s] Hence it would make more sense correcting Lifestyle, instead of medicating oneself. It is with this fact in mind we have conceived an online support program.

Features of the program:
The doctor ard counsellor [trained], along with the patient would form the team.

Doctor's role:

Interacting with the patient, taking detailed history, explaining the science, addressing medications and details of review etc

Role of Health Coach:

Giving guidance with regards to lifestyle factors [ eating, moving, sleeping and relaxing] with particular emphasis on diet.

This is all about empowering people with the understanding of their health issues and giving them the tools to manage their life in a healthy way.